Novofloor NT System


The outdoor sports floor system is a set of polyurethane resin based materials for making elastic, multilayer sports floors. It is designed for application in open sports facilities, such as game fields, running tracks, tennis courts, etc. It may be applied on suitably hardened substrates with rain water drainage.

The advantages of the outdoor sports floor system are: high elasticity, superior damping of impact energy, high coefficient of friction, aesthetic appearance, seamless, resistant to shoe spikes. The characteristic attribute of this system is the lack of water deposits; water is passed down into the soil.

The outdoor sports floor system is based on polyurethane resins which are highly resistant to changing weather conditions, including low temperatures and UV radiation.

novofloor nt system

  1. Concrete substrate with NOVOFLOOR P11
  2. Asphalt with NOVOFLOOR P11
  3. Stabilizing layer NOVOFLOOR ST