Our systems for volleyball

All our systems for volleyball

Volleyball is a team sport characterised by the big speed of execution, by the precision of the flashes and by the absence of contacts among the players. The game ground is rectangular, 18 meters long and 9 meters large, divided in two sectors of 9 per 9 meters by a net placed perpendicularly to the ground. In both sectors are marked the perimetral lines which delimit the game ground from the free area and the attack line placed 3 meters distant.

For the global and official competitions the lines must be white. The game ground and the free area are requested in other colors different from each other.
The game surface must be plain and uniform, so as to not present dangers for the players. For the global and official competitions the surfaces in wood or in synthetic material are the only ones permitted.

The ideal floor must allow the athletes an adequate hold to the ground to make them able to correctly and precisely set up the flashes. Important is at the same time the safety of the players, especially with reference to the solicitations of articulations and to the frequent voluntary falls on the game ground.
The non-slip function, the absence of maintenance and the wear resistance complete the plus of the floor, guaranteeing the perfect color fastness during the lifetime.