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All our systems for running tracks

Running tracks are the most common sports facilities in Italy.

They have a number of lanes which normally varies from 6 to 10 (in international reunions the track must have compulsorily 8 or more lanes). The length of the most inner lane is 400 meters and all the other lanes are 122 centimeters large, with white lines of 5 centimeters which divide one lane to the other.

The athletic competitions of the Olympic Games, the World Championships and the World Cups can take place only on tracks which have surface in synthetic material according to the quality norms required and homologated by the IAAF.

The track results typically realised on underlayers opportunely hardened, with drainage of the rainwater, to which is positioned a first layer of base in SBR rubber granulate in mixture and a second layer of EPDM granulate in mixture. Further layers are added in more performing systems, for example where a constant standard is requested although in presence of significant variations of the operating temperature.

Fundamental is then the safety aspect, since the realisation of the track must certainly pursue the research of the speed, but the “rigidity” of the route don’t have to ease the possibility of stress injuries or of prolonged effort injuries.